ALL-CLAD Precision Cutlery 8 In. Chef's Knife

Precision Cutlery 8 In. Chef's Knife

Handcrafted in the USA for a lifetime of reliable performance 

The quintessential kitchen knife for meal prep of any kind. Made with cutting-edge American steel and computer balanced with a full-tang, the 8” Chef’s Knife is ideal for classic cuts such as julienne, dice and fine chop.

Reference : C2 111080


All-Clad Precision Cutlery C2 11106080 8” Chef Knife

A quintessential kitchen knife, the All-Clad, Precision Cutlery, C2 11106080, 8 In. Chef’s Knife features a wide, long blade for exceptional versatility and efficiency. Use the knife for anything from mincing, slicing, dicing, and chopping fruits and vegetables to slicing meat or disjointing large cuts. The knife’s curved edge facilitates a rocking motion, while its sharp pointed tip allows for easily navigating in and around joints and bones when carving. Invest in a knife that will last with All-Clad Precision Cutlery. Handcrafted in the USA, each high-quality knife features a hard stainless-steel blade with a stay-sharp edge and a full tang for added stability and balance. Experience a lifetime of reliable performance with All-Clad Precision Cutlery.  


  • 8-Inch chef's knife

    8 In. chef’s knife with wide, long blade for slicing, dicing, mincing, and chopping fruits and vegetables, cutting meat, or disjointing large cuts; Curved edge facilitates a rocking motion; sharp pointed tip for easily navigating in and around joints and bones when carving;

  • Long Lasting Sharpness

    Long-lasting sharpness with laser-cut blade made of CTS® BDZ1 high-carbon steel; Cryo-hardened to 60.5 Rockwell helps maintain a sharp edge;

  • Perfectly Balanced

    Contoured handle with angled bolster improves cutting precision and reduces hand fatigue; Double riveted and full tang for exceptional durability and control

  • Comfortable & Safety

    Hand finished, crowned heel and spine for comfort and safety

  • Quality Handcraftsmanship

    Hand polished with attention to every detail; Passivated surface for stain resistance

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