ALL-CLAD Precision Cutlery 9 In. Bread Knife

Precision Cutlery 9 In. Bread Knife

Handcrafted in the USA for a lifetime of reliable performance 

All-Clad’s Bread knife features a 9” scalloped blade to produce clean, precise cuts. Whether you’re cleanly slicing delicate bread without smashing or cutting perfectly uniform slices of fresh tomatoes from your garden, this knife will have you feeling like a pro. Our expertly crafted scalloped blade is built to not need sharpening, giving you a knife you can count on for life.

Reference : C2 111040


All-Clad Precision Cutlery C2 11104090 9” Serrated Bread Knife

Slice loaves of bread, baguettes, bagels, and more with the All-Clad, Precision Cutlery, C2 11104090, 9 In. Bread Knife. The knife’s piercing tip quickly penetrates the exterior to initiate the cut, while its serrated edge works with a sawing motion, gripping and penetrating slippery exteriors for controlled cuts that won’t crush soft interiors. Invest in a knife that will last with All-Clad Precision Cutlery. Handcrafted in the USA, each high-quality knife features a hard stainless-steel blade with a stay-sharp edge and a full tang for added stability and balance. Experience a lifetime of reliable performance with All-Clad Precision Cutlery.


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