ALL-CLAD Precision Cutlery 9 In. Carving Knife

Precision Cutlery 9 In. Carving Knife

Handcrafted in the USA for a lifetime of reliable performance 

This American steel Carving knife features a long, razor sharp blade excellent for cutting uniform, thin slices from large roasts, hams or turkeys. All-Clad has cryo hardened this knife to a Rockwell hardness of 60.5 for extreme edge retention.

Reference : C2 111090


All-Clad Precision Cutlery C2 11107090 9” Carving Knife

Cut meat, poultry, or fish into thin, uniform slices with the All-Clad, Precision Cutlery, C2 11107090, 9 In. Carving Knife. The knife’s long, narrow blade allows for smooth pull cuts—no need for sawing back and forth, while its sharp pointed tip makes easy work of cutting meat away from bone. Invest in a knife that will last with All-Clad Precision Cutlery. Handcrafted in the USA, each high-quality knife features a hard stainless-steel blade with a stay-sharp edge and a full tang for added stability and balance. Experience a lifetime of reliable performance with All-Clad Precision Cutlery.


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