Perfect grilling results to satisfy everyone's taste

  • A TRUE INNOVATION: The AutoSense™ technology detects the food thickness to adjust the cooking time accordingly, taking out all of the guesswork.
  • GREAT RESULTS GUARANTEED: 6 pre-set programs(burger, chicken, sandwich, pork, red meat, fish) and a manual temperature mode to satisfy everyone's tastes. Remove the food at any time once it reaches the desired cooking results.
  • COOKING LEVELS INDICATORS: Cooking indicator lights and audible beep to signify the level of doneness(rare, medium, well done) or the temperature reached (250F°, 375°F, 450°F, 525°F).
  • PERFECT FOR FROZEN FOOD: Simply place your frozen food on the grill and select the frozen function before choosing a program. The grill will adapt its parameters to defrost and cook to perfection, all at once.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Removable nonstick die-cast aluminum plates are dishwasher safe. The tilted plates are designed to keep the food in place while also draining the excess liquids.

All-Clad Electric Grill with AutoSense™

Experience perfect gourmet grilling results year-round, right from your kitchen countertop, with the All-Clad PG720051 Grill with AutoSense. This All-Clad Non-Stick Indoor Electric Grill provides six pre-programmed cooking modes for popular foods: Burger, Chicken, Sandwich, Pork, Red Meat, and Fish. The automatic sensor technology detects the thickness of food and adjusts the cooking time accordingly. The Grill with AutoSense will even notify you when food is perfectly cooked to rare, medium, and well done, taking out all of the guesswork. An easy-to-follow indicator light and audible beep prompt you when food is cooked to your family member’s or guest’s personal preferences so you can focus on other cooking tasks and entertaining. In addition to the six pre-set programs, the indoor grill also offers a Frozen mode for defrosting and Custom Temp Manual mode, which allows you to choose a custom temperature between 250° F to 525° F—great for veggies and fruit. The grill’s tilted grill plate directs excess fat and oil away from food for healthier cooking, while its removable nonstick plates ensure effortless release and dishwasher-safe cleanup. Clearly All-Clad in design, the highly polished stainless-steel grill brings fresh inspiration to home cooking.


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    The guarantee to successful grilling, with exclusive AutoSense™ Technology.

    This electric grill is equipped with Auto Sense™ technology, which enables the machine to detect the thickness of all ingredients and to cook accordingly. It is able to detect the number of pieces as well, and to adapt the grilling according to 6 different types of ingredients (Burger/Chicken/Sandwich/Pork/Red meat/Fish). Cooking for those ingredients is then automatic, with no need to select the temperature or cooking time, for guaranteed perfect cooking.

  • Exclusive AutoSense™ technology

    For perfect cooking adapted to the ingredients, their thickness and their quantity.

  • 3 cooking modes

    - Automatic mode: 6 pre-set programs (BURGER, CHICKEN, SANDWICH, PORK, RED MEAT AND FISH)
    - Custom Temp mode: flexibility to grill fruits, vegetables or to customize favorite recipes
    - One Touch Defrost, then cook with ease with the Automatic mode

  • Cooking levels indicators

    - Identifies the various stages as it cooks under the Automatic mode
    - Choose between 4 temperature levels for the Custom Temp mode

  • Easy to clean

    Dishwasher-safe removable non-stick plates and drip tray

  • High-end design

    High-polished stainless steel housing

  • Product Repairable for 10 years

    • Designed for easy repair

    • Low cost fast delivery of spare parts for 10 years

    • 6500 repair centers worldwide


Cooking programs 6 automatic programs + Frozen (works with automatic programs onl  
Automatic cooking system    
Removable plates    
Automatic cooking system details Burger/Chicken/Sandwich/Sausage/Red meat/Fish  
Removable electric resistance    
Removable juice tray    
Plates dimensions 32x20  cm
Dishwasher safe    
Body Stainless steel  
Cooking surface Non stick coating  
Barbecue position    
On/Off Switch    
Pilot light    
Dishwasher safe - details Cooking plates and drip tray are dishwasher safe  
Adjustable thermostat    
Vertical storage    
Cord Storage    
Handle Stainless steel  
Safety edge    
Adjustable thermostat details no thermostat but leds flashing all along the different levels of temperatures: rare/medium/well done (automatic programs) or low/med/high/sear (manual mode)  
Power cord length 0.8  m
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