ALL-CLAD PG715850 5-Level AutoSense X-Large Capacity Indoor Grill

PG715850 5-Level AutoSense X-Large Capacity Indoor Grill
The guarantee to successful grilling

Grill all your favorites to perfection with this All-Clad PG715850 5-Level AutoSense X-Large-Capacity Indoor Grill. The countertop grill provides a 33% larger cooking surface compared to the original AutoSense grill, and it offers three additional cooking settings (Seafood, Sausage, and Lamb), along with the original six: Burger, Chicken, Sandwich, Pork, Red Meat, and Fish. For foolproof results, the All-Clad electric grill’s automatic sensor technology detects the thickness of food and adjusts cooking times accordingly. Offering five cooking levels (Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, and Well Done), the All-Clad AutoSense grill lets you know when food has reached the desired level of doneness. The AutoSense grill also offers Frozen mode for defrosting food and Custom Temp mode—great for veggies or fruit. Even more, its removable nonstick plates ensure effortless food release and quick cleanup. Savor seasonal grilling year-round with the All-Clad AutoSense indoor grill.

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All-Clad Electric XL Grill with AutoSense™

This electric XL grill is equipped with Auto Sense™ technology, which enables the machine to detect the thickness of all ingredients and to cook accordingly. It is able to detect the number of pieces as well, and to adapt the grilling according to 9 different types of ingredients (Burger/ Chicken/ Sandwich /Pork/ Red meat/ Fish/ Seafood/ Sausage/ Lamb). Cooking for those ingredients is then automatic, with no need to select the temperature or cooking time, for guaranteed perfect results. Signaling 5 cooking steps, from rare to well done, everyone can choose the grilling in line with their own taste. Before selecting your automatic program, the Frozen function enables the electric grill to adapt the cooking of the frozen food, while the Custom Temp setting, with its 4 temperature levels, can be used to cook vegetables or other personalized recipes.



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Power 2000  W
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