ALL-CLAD Essentials Nonstick Set of 2 Sauce Pans

Essentials Nonstick Set of 2 Sauce Pans
Easy to cook, easy to clean, easy to store

You spoke, we listened. The Essentials Nonstick collection is thoughtfully designed to allow you to cook, serve, clean, and store with ease. Essential, multi-purpose pieces move seamlessly from stovetop to oven to table and back into your cabinets, where they nest without scratching the PFOA-free nonstick surface. Fry, steam, roast, boil and strain without worry - cleanup is a breeze! This set includes two useful sauce pan sizes, a 2.5 quart and 4.5 quart, both with lids, perfect for preparing grains, rice, and small batches of sauces and soups.

Reference : H9114S64

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Designed with you in mind

We created our Essentials line by talking to cooks like you and designing it with your needs in mind. The result is a collection that combines the ease of nonstick with the freedom to go from stovetop to oven to table and with the quality that's made us a chef favorite for decades. Incredibly versatile, perfectly stackable, and easy to clean, Essentials Nonstick from All-Clad is designed to fit the way you cook and live.



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