ALL-CLAD HP503152 Prep&Cook Cooking Food Processor, 4.7-Quart, White

HP503152 Prep&Cook Cooking Food Processor, 4.7-Quart, White
Prep&Cook cuts, prepares and cooks, all in one appliance with the guarantee of great results 

All-Clad Prep&Cook, Cooking Food Processor

• ALL-IN-ONE APPLIANCE: Prep&Cook cooks, slow cooks, steams, stir fries, mixes, stirs, kneads, whips, crushes ice, chops nuts, and more all at the touch of a button

• AUTOMATIC PROGRAMS FOR GREAT RESULTS EVERYTIME: 6 automatic programs (Sauce, Soup, Simmer, Steam, Pastry, and Dessert) provide foolproof results for a wide range of favorites

• MANUAL SETTINGS FOR GREATER CONTROL: Adjustable time and temperature, along with 12 variable speed settings, pulse and turbo for greater control when experimenting or preparing your own recipes

• EASY TO USE: Both the bowl and accessories are dishwasher safe and the waterproof digital push-button control panel ensures intuitive use and easy cleaning. The removable stainless-steel bowl is designed to last, with large side handles for lifting

• DREAM IT, COOK IT, LOVE IT: Includes 5 unique tools in a display case and a recipe book with 300+ recipes, making meal planning, food prep, and perfect results easier than ever

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Cooking Food Processor HP5031

The All-Clad Prep&Cook, Cooking Food Processor can take on a variety of time-consuming tasks, and will feel like having your very own sous chef in the kitchen. With its stainless-steel bowl and steam-control lid, the versatile machine handles everything from chopping, stirring, mixing, kneading, and whipping to cooking, slow cooking, and stir frying—all at the touch of a button. The Prep&Cook ’s digital push-button control panel ensures intuitive use and sits at an angle for easy access when cooking, while six automatic programs for Sauce, Soup, Simmer, Steam, Pastry, and Dessert provide foolproof results everytime. Adjustable time and temperature, 12 variable speed settings, plus pulse and turbo, offer greater control when testing out new recipes. Ideal for cooking enthusiasts and experts alike, the All-Clad Prep&Cook reduces prep time and makes it easier than ever to achieve perfect results when preparing food for friends and family.


Frequently asked questions

Yes you can adapt your own recipes to the Cuisine Companion. By following the instruction you can either use the preset functions or adjust the speed, heat and time to suit.
See diagram in the front of your user manual. Position the lid on the bowl (D) lining up the two triangles (See Fig. 5), lock the lid without pressing by turning it anti clockwise (See Fig.6) There are arrows on the arms of the lid to assist lining the lid up in the right direction.
The lid should always be in place while the appliance is in operation. To add ingredients during mixing, remove the feeder cap and insert the ingredients through the filling hole in the lid.
The pulse button is used when you need short bursts of power at the optimum speed. This is a more commonly used function when using the blender and is controlled by the user which means you control how long the machine runs for in this mode. It is a useful way of avoiding over-processing of ingredients. For example, it can be used to mix fruit into a cake mixture at the end of processing or blending soft fruit into yoghurt for making a smoothie.
This depends on the vegetables you're using. If using hard vegetables (eg carrot) we recommend searing these first for 1-2 minutes with the mixing blade at maximum heat and no cap. You can then add the meat in cubes and continue at maximum heat until browned or cooked - add sauces as desired.
It doesn't "Mince" but you can use steak or other meat and with the kneading/crushing blade chop it up very fine. This is great for any recipe that asks for mince meat - Bolognese, san chow bow.
We recommend selecting the time needed until more ingredients are to be added. eg - for the example, set the machine for 3 minutes. When it beeps, return to add the next ingredients and restart the program for 4 minutes. The cookbook was developed originally as a translation from the French version. Through our testing process we have come to realise that some information was not transferred clearly. We are now working through the recipes and updating them as they are identified. We will be making the updates to the website and so recommend that you refer to these if there is any confusion. We would be happy to email you the updates at a later date also if that suites you.
If the bottom of the tank is calcified (white lime scale traces):
In the bowl with its carrier, pour 1 ladle of white vinegar, 8% acidity, (approximately 100 ml), and leave for 1 hour, then empty the bowl, dismount the carrier and its joint, rinse all the parts with clear water.
To whisk egg whites with Prep&Cook you must use the lid without the stopper. CAUTION: Do not exceed Speed 7 as indicated on the blade.
The recipes were tested with ingredients at room temperature (20°C), It is possible that some recipes require 2 to 3 minutes of additional cooking if the ingredients (milk, eggs, ...) are from the refrigerator.
You can cool the tank before making the recipe by crushing 10 ice cubes using "pulse" with the knead/crush blender knife, then empty the bowl, wipe it properly and immediately make the sorbet recipe.
You can use the steamer basket. Place the ultrablade in the bowl, add ingredients according to the recipe (carrots, potatoes, onion...), place the basket, making sure that vegetables at the bottom of the bowl are not over packed, add the ingredients that you wish to keep in pieces (bacon, chorizo , peas...) and cover all without exceeding the maximum level.
You can use baking paper to cover the bottom and inner walls of the basket, to make recipes such as omelettes, frittata, fish, white meats… Steam programme.
Before using your appliance for the first time, wash all parts of the accessories in warm soapy water (see section on cleaning in your instruction manual). Rinse and dry. Place the motor unit on a flat, clean and dry surface. Plug in your appliance.
The bowl, the tools, the basket steamer and all the parts of the lid can be put in the dishwasher. It is not recommended to put the carrier (bottom of bowl that blade sits on) or its sealing ring into the dishwasher.
It is advisable to clean tools immediately after the appearance of discolouration with some lemon juice on a cloth.
Use a well wrung out sponge, then wipe with a dry cloth.
To facilitate cleaning (pre-cleaning) the bowl, position the whisk attachment in the bowl, add 0.7 litre of water, a few drops of washing-up liquid, close the lid with the stopper, and programme your processor as follows: "Speed 7 - 90°C - 1 min" and press "Start". When finished (beeps), stop the device and finish cleaning the tool under the tap. (This applies to the four tools). You can also use the cleaning brush available in your product.
For hygiene reasons, it is advisable to dismantle the lid and clean the separate parts well after each use. The lid is dishwasher safe.
For safety, it is always advisable to store the sharp-bladed mincer knife "ULTRA-BLADE" in the bowl when the processor is not in use. The rest of the accessories can be stored in a drawer or cupboard. CAUTION: The blender knife for kneading/crushing is also sharp.
Do not use the Ultrablade on hard ingredients. As per the quick guide magnet included in your pack, we recommend to use the kneading/crushing blade for the following: crushed iced, crush nuts (almonds etc…), rice milling, and other hard ingredients (including sweets or sugar).
Refer user manual page 23.
It has an on/off button - bottom side of unit. See full troubleshooting information in the user manual.
The Prep&Cook has a two year replacement warranty if deemed to be faulty.
Refer to page 26 of your user manual included in pack.
The appliance indicated overheating safety mode. Let it cool for 30 minutes. Before you use it again, reduce the amount of preparation to be mixed.
The appliance was put in safety mode because it detected significant changes. Make sure you are using the recommended speed and the appropriate tool. Check that the appliance is stable (resting on its rubber shoes) and the work surface is solid/rigid.
Try to position the appliance as close as possible to an air extractor (e.g.: cooker hood). CAUTION: Do not place it on a heat source.
Yes, some programmes require the keep warm function to continue (in order to keep the food in good condition, prevent skin forming, or the food sticking to the bottom of the tank).
power (heating) = 1000W / power (motor) = 550W. See your user manual for a full list.
The Prep&Cook is an All-Clad branded product which is a made in France.
Check the box for the lid. They should be packed in the box the lid came in.

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