Must Haves

So you've gotten engaged and you need to register for gifts. Now what?

If you’re like many engaged couples, you’re a little overwhelmed by the number of choices that you have to make.
Here are some tips for navigating your way through the cookware section.

  • #1

    Pick vessels that match your favorite meals.

    Do you love soups? Are you a fan of great casseroles? Make sure to include pieces that are appropriate for the foods you like to cook.

  • #2

    Think ahead.

    It may just be the two of you now, but what will your family look like in 5 years time? If you plan to expand your home, you'll need a cookware set that can grow with you. Consider classic styles that you can add pieces to over time.

  • #3

    Know the role of food in your lifestyle.

    Do you like to cook? Do you entertain often? How frequently you cook should impact the type of cookware that you buy. You'll want to go with something that you can buy once and use with confidence for a lifetime.

Following are some timeless pieces that will serve you well through the years regardless of your cooking style.


You’re no stranger to the joys of cooking. Perhaps there’s even a budding gourmet chef in you.

  • 12” Fry Pan

    A kitchen staple, the 12” fry pan is ideal for searing, browning and pan frying everything from eggs to meats. The pan features a flat bottom and flared sides that make tossing foods effortless and allows for easy turning with a spatula. Great for cooking at higher heat with oils to develop foods with full, rich flavor, color and crisp texture. Available in both stainless and nonstick surfaces.

  • 3 Qt Sauce Pan

    The classic sauce pan is a versatile essential found in a variety of sizes in every well-equipped kitchen. With high, straight sides and a smaller surface area, the sauce pan holds heat well and limits evaporation. Because of its shape, this pan is ideal for making sauces, heating liquids, cooking food in liquids and reheating. Can be used with or without the lid to control evaporation.

  • 6 Qt Stock Pot

    An essential for every kitchen and available in a variety of sizes, the stockpot features high sides that slow the evaporation of liquids, providing the ideal design for creating a variety of stocks. The wide bottom of the pan allows for sauteing of ingredients before the addition of liquids for delicious soups and stews. Stockpots are also well-suited for canning, blanching, and preparing food in large quantities.

  • 3 Qt Sauté Pan

    Deeper than a traditional fry pan, the sauté pan features a large surface area and tall, straight sides that hold in juices, prevent splattering, and allow for easy turning with a spatula. Ideal for a wide range of foods including chicken breasts and fish fillets, the sauté pan offers the convenience of browning or searing, then deglazing or finishing in liquid; all in one pan. The lid locks in moisture and heat to thoroughly finish meats on the stove top or in the oven.



If you’ve already made your decision to purchase a 10 piece set of All-Clad... thank you,
you’re investing in a lifetime of wonderful meals.

If you’re not sure which line of All-Clad is right for you, we’ve put together this guide to help you chose the right collection for your cooking needs. All of our stainless cookware sets are proudly handcrafted in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania from 100% specified metals to ensure lasting durability. Our sets feature classically designed core pieces that can anchor your cookware collection now and in the future.

  • Stainless

    A collection for the cook who appreciates quality and is eager to experience the craftsmanship and performance of All-Clad cookware. All-Clad stainless has classic styling with premium tri-ply construction featuring an aluminum core to deliver even heat distribution.

  • d5

    The 5-ply construction of d5 disperses heat more evenly and provides superior warp resistance. Larger, ergonomic handles and pouring lips on all shapes makes d5 appropriate for the more adventurous cook who looks forward to trying new recipes and techniques.

  • d7

    Patented seven-ply construction throughout the pan delivers supreme evenness of heat for excellence in browning and searing. Four layers of stainless steel retain heat for the ultimate in energy efficiency and fluid edges for drip free pouring provide the perfect combination for those interested in exploring bold new flavors.

  • Copper core

    The consummate collection for the experienced gourmet cook. All-Clad's premium collection provides unparalled control and efficiency by replacing aluminum with copper in the core of the pan. A variety of unique and exotic dishes can be prepared using this energy efficient collection. This collection will impress even the most demanding aficionado.

  • B1

    Our B1 line brings bonded technology to hard anodized products. B1 is designed in the US to appeal to those who are more comfortable using non-stick cookware and is made under strict supervision in China to keep the price in the same range as our competition.


All-Clad electrics are perfectly suited for busy home cooks.

Our collection of small appliances mirrors the classic style and quality of All-Clad cookware. All-Clad electrics are designed to complement any All-Clad cookware collection with clean, simple styling, and are backed by a 2-year warranty.

  • Slow Cooker

    All-Clad slow cooker

    This programmable slow cooker features a 6.5 quart black ceramic insert for gentle uniform heat to create richly flavored soups, stews, chilis, and braised meats. "High and Low" settings automatically switch to "Keep Warm" when time elapses. The slow cooker also features a removable ceramic insert and tempered glass lid that are dishwasher-safe.



All-Clad’s gourmet accessories are preferred by those who enjoy cooking
beyond the ordinary.

Accessories make ideal companions to any All-Clad collection, and are crafted to the same exacting standards.
Expand your collection of All-Clad with a host of unique specialty finds.

  • 3 Qt. Colander


    Whether you're draining a big batch of pasta or rinsing a few fresh strawberries, you can rely on this generously sized colander for first-rate performance. Larger holes at the top and smaller ones at the bottom promote quick draining.


  • Roti Combo

    Roti Combo

    This smaller sized roaster is ideal for chicken and vegetables. High sides reduce splattering. Upright riveted handles are easy to grasp while lifting the pan. V-shaped nonstick roasting rack elevates foods to generate even cooking and browning. Stovetop safe for pan gravies after roasting.