Vital Cooking Vessels for the Kitchen: The Roaster

A Roaster can be used in your kitchen year-round to make a variety of delicious recipes, which makes it vital for your kitchen. As we continue our Vital Cooking Vessels for the Kitchen Series, this article and video below will explain why an All-Clad Roaster is essential to have in your kitchen arsenal.

Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or simply preparing a nice meal, using an All-Clad Roaster is an easy way to serve a delicious main course. Prepare your meal of choice, set it in the oven and cook with confidence while you take on other tasks in the kitchen. Roasters are perfect for a variety of different recipes and cooking techniques and can be an asset in your kitchen year-round.

An All-Clad Roaster is the perfect vessel for the job whether you are roasting, steaming, or baking. Our roasters feature tall, straight sides, which help prevent splatters and spills while promoting even cooking. Additionally, the upright handles ensure a secure hold when transporting the pan to and from the oven. All-Clad Roasters are tailored to your cooking needs and come in two sizes 13x 16” and 11x 14” and are offered in nonstick and stainless steel.

Though it may be a vital vessel during the holiday season, a Roaster has many uses in the kitchen. To learn more, check out our Roaster video for some tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your purchase throughout the year. Ignite your own passion and try some of your own unique uses. Tag us on social media at @allclad and #allclad to show us what you have created or drop a comment below!