Vital Cooking Vessels for the Kitchen: The Stock Pot

Like the Sauce Pan and Dutch Oven, the Stockpot can be one of the most versatile cooking vessels, making it vital for your kitchen. As we continue our Vital Cooking Vessels for the Kitchen Series, this article below will explain why the Stock Pot is a kitchen staple. There are also some added notes that may just Ignite your Passion too.

A large stockpot can be the gatekeeper to a world of wonderful recipes for a crowd. But not just any Stock pot – an All-Clad Stockpot, which can tackle a variety of kitchen tasks. A large surface area combined with high sides gives you the ability to sear while also having the ability to slowly simmer, boil, or even braise. All-Clad’s bonding technology means even heat distribution without hot or cold spots. Plus, don’t forget that All-Clad’s Stainless Steel cookware can go from stovetop to oven, up to 600°F. That makes it easy to go from searing and building flavors on the stovetop to cooking in the oven. The All-Clad Stock Pot is available in a range of capacities and a variety of different series including D3 Stainless, D3 Everyday, D5 Stainless, D5 Brushed, Copper Core, and Fusiontec.

Here are a couple of techniques and recipes to help inspire you to ignite your passion to create your next amazing meal.

Adding Robust Flavors to Ordinary Grains

Whether you are making rice, farro, quinoa, or any other grain to be slowly simmered in liquid, adding water is easy but letting it simmer in a homemade stock will add depth of flavor turning a simple dish into a wow factor. Using a large stock pot gives you the ability to create a large batch of liquid gold to use today while being able to freeze it for later uses. Simply adding the vegetables to the pot with enough water to cover them is so easy but the result is next level. Check out our recipe for Homemade Vegetable Stock.

Pasta Sundays with the Family

Whether it is penne, spaghetti, or tortellini the same technique starts this family meal... boiling. Having a large stock pot is essential when making pasta for the family. You want the pasta to not be overcrowded in the pot. An All-Clad 6 Quart Stockpot or 8 Quart Stockpot gives you more than enough room to make enough to feed the whole family.

Start on Top but Finished in the Oven

There are countless uses for your stockpot on the stovetop. At the same time, you can bring your stockpot into the oven to cook an amazing, braised dish low and slow. Starting on the stovetop, sear off the meat. Reserve to the side and build a flavorful braising liquid using stock, aromatics, herbs, and vegetables. When ready, add the meat back into the stockpot, close the lid, and place it in the oven for the flavors to all come together. Braising takes time but when it’s time to eat you will be amazed by what you created.

Do you have an All-Clad Stockpot? What are your favorite things to cook in it? Let us know in the comments!