How to Sauté Vegetables Properly?

The saying goes that we eat with our eyes first. This couldn’t be truer than when there’s a colorful array of vegetables on the table. If cooked simply and well, vegetables can be as appealing to the eye as they are at first taste.

The O.G. one pan meal - a vegetable medley - is one of the quickest, healthy food recipes for those easy weeknight meals. Vibrantly colored, bursting with flavor, and equal parts crisp and tender often in under 30 minutes flat. The key to vegetable success is a perfect sauté, and in turn, an All-Clad sauté pan.


The word “sauté” comes from the French, meaning “to jump,” bringing to mind the way vegetables jump around a pan with hot oil.

The even heating and warp-resistant base of an All-Clad sauté pan is the best way to ensure the vegetables get the surface (and air) time it needs for optimal caramelization. Plus, the high sides keep any splatter contained in the pan, not on your stovetop. For a quick weeknight side dish, the 3-quart sauté is our go-to, while a 6-quart sauté is ideal for a vegetarian meal.

Once you’ve selected your pan, the fun really begins – going to your local farmer’s market or grocer and picking out a variety of fresh, seasonal vegetables. Once you’re back in your kitchen, the two keys to maximizing flavor are knowing the average cooking times of your ingredients and making sure they are prepped to the same size.

Here is a handy cheat sheet for standard cooking times for vegetables

If you’re looking to cook everything quickly and all at once, make sure to use vegetables that have similar cooking times so that nothing is overcooked or underdone. Or, if you sauté vegetables with varying cooking times, stagger adding them to the pan, starting with the longest cooking first.


As important as the cook times are when making the best sautéed vegetables, the other key point is the size of your chop.


Whether you are slicing peppers and onions or cutting florets of cauliflower and broccoli, cutting each item to relatively the same size and thickness ensures that your vegetables will cook as evenly as possible, and nothing burns. The end result will be really nice sear on the outside and a crisp-tender texture.

Check out our recipe for best Weeknight Sautéed Vegetable Medley. Ignite your passion to create your own version.